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SP Industries, Inc., is a manufacturer of specialty equipment, scientific glassware, and laboratory and lab safety supplies serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, industrial, and OEM markets under well-known market leading brand names.

SP Scientific

  SP Scientific Research Equipment  

SP Scientific is comprised of these five highly regarded scientific and life-sciences equipment brands:

FTS Systems Temperature control and thermal management systems and research freeze dryers.

Genevac Centrifugal evaporation and concentration equipment.

Hotpack Laboratory glassware washers & dryers and stability rooms & chambers.

Hull Pharmaceutical cGMP production lyophilization systems, lyophilizer installation and startup services, and freeze dryer rebuilding services.

VirTis Research, pilot, and production freeze dryers.

SP Scienceware

  Wilmad-LabGlass Laboratory Glassware and NMR/EPR  

SP Scienceware is comprised of these three highly regarded scientific and life-sciences glassware, lab supplies, and instrumentation brands:

Wilmad-LabGlas Laboratory glassware and equipment, NMR and EPR sample tubes and accessories, spectroscopy supplies, flow tubes, custom research and precision glassware and pilot plant reactors. Wilmad-LabGlass also repairs valuable laboratory glassware.

Bel-Art Products Laboratory, safety, industrial, and healthcare products from wash bottles to fume hoods under well-known brand names including Scienceware®, Spinbar®, Magic Touch™, Sterileware®, Secador®, KLETT®, and Poxygrid®.

H-B Instrument Temperature & Density Instruments and Instrumentation Calibration services. H-B is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards.

New In January, 2015, SP Industries acquired  Stability Environments, Inc.

Stability Environments and SP share a history of manufacturing highly regarded equipment solutions for laboratory and production environments. SP will continue to manufacture and support the full line of Stability Environments Environmental Walk-in Rooms and Chambers, Glassware Dryers, and accessories through our SP Scientific business unit.

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