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SP Industries, Inc., is a manufacturer of specialty equipment, scientific glassware, laboratory and lab safety supplies, and home healthcare products serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, industrial, OEM, and commercial markets under well-known market leading brand names.

Processing Equipment

SP BioPharma Production Equipment

At SP we embrace a Mission: Control product philosophy incorporating the use of innovative technologies across our product range to drive the best results. Focused on assisting the user in eliminating or controlling process variables, this integrated 'Mission: Control' approach is exemplified in SP's Line of Sight™ lyophilization range which utilizes smart data and scalable technologies to enable greater efficiency in cycle development and scale-up, while maximizing product yield and safety in production during freeze-drying.

Our flagship freeze dryer range encompasses freeze-drying microscopes and benchtop systems utilized in initial research and cycle development, through to lyophilizers with the capacity to take you from pilot scale to full commercialization. Where needed this freeze dryer range can be integrated into SP's modular 'Versa-Line' fill-finish system providing small footprint, quick delivery, customizable solutions for full-line vial washing, depyrogenation tunnel, filling and stoppering, freeze dryer loading systems, capping, external vial washers and trayloaders serving manufacturers of Injectable and Oral Products in Liquid or Powder Form.

SP Hull Pharmaceutical cGMP production aseptic lyophilization systems, lyophilizer installation and startup services, and freeze dryer renewal services.

SP i-Dositecno Complete sterile filling lines for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and ophthalmic applications including PennTech Vial handling equipment for washing, sterilization and depyrogenation, filling, stoppering, capping, tray loading and unloading, and lyophillizer loading and unloading systems.

SP VirTis Research, pilot and production freeze dryers for cycle development and scale-up, life sciences, tissue banking and other applications.

Life Sciences
Benchtop Equipment

SP Life Sciences Research Equipment

SP benchtop equipment covers a wide range of applications including evaporation, thermal control, humidity control, glassware washing and freeze-drying applications. Intuitive, reliable and efficient performance is built into every system we make so you can focus on what matters, results.

SP FTS Temperature control and thermal management systems and research freeze dryers.

SP Genevac Centrifugal vacuum evaporation and concentration equipment.

SP Hotpack Laboratory glassware washers and environmental stability rooms and chambers.

SP VirTis Research, pilot and production freeze dryers for cycle development and scale-up, life sciences, tissue banking and other applications.

and Glassware

SP Laboratory Glassware, NMR/EPR, Lab Supplies, and Aids for Daily Living

Research, industrial and healthcare professionals around the world rely on SP labware and glassware for their sample handling needs. Our broad range of tried and true laboratory favorites and innovative solutions includes racks, desiccators, thermometers, glassware, ice buckets, magnetic stirring bars, scoops and spoons, nmr tubes and more. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration Services, OEM glass parts and glass repair services are also available. Prepare to Discover!

SP Bel-Art Laboratory, safety, industrial, and healthcare products from wash bottles and thermometers to fume hoods under well-known brand names including H-B Instrument®, Spinbar®, Magic Touch™, Sterileware®, Secador®, Flowmi®, and Poxygrid®.

SP Wilmad-LabGlass Laboratory glassware and equipment, NMR and EPR sample tubes and accessories, spectroscopy supplies, flow tubes, custom research and precision glassware and pilot plant reactors. Wilmad-LabGlass also repairs valuable laboratory glassware.

SP Bel-Art H-B Instrument Temperature and Density Instrumentation and Instrumentation Calibration services. H-B is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards.

Aids for Daily Living

SP Ableware Used in home and professional care facilities, SP Ableware healthcare products promote independent living and make daily activities such as dressing, bathing or eating easier for seniors, people with disabilities, and people recovering from injuries and illnesses. Occupational Therapists utilize SP Ableware therapeutic games and cognitive function evaluation tools to assist in the development and execution of care plans.

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